Bore Tech’s Shield XP Rust Preventative is a state-of-the-art blend specifically formulated to protect your firearms from rust and corrosion. Shield XP penetrates deep into metal surfaces, displaces moisture and neutralizes corrosives. Then it seals the surface with a fast drying film that will not attract sand, dust, dirt or debris. No more messy, oily firearms staining your gun safe.

Bore Tech’s Shield XP Rust Preventative™ is an exceptional long term rust and corrosion preventative formulated to protect your firearms from extreme weather conditions and corrosive environments.


 Non-Oily, Non- Greasy FormulaMoisture Displacing
Excellent For Long Term StorageSafe For All Metals


 Shield XP’s formula is specially designed for firearms and contains over 5X more rust/corrosion protection than the competition and easily surpasses 500 hours in ASTM humidity testing and 100 hours in ASTM salt spray testing. Safe for use on all metals, Shield XP deposits a dry, non-oily, non-gumming, non-accuracy affecting, invisible barrier that will leave your valuable firearms completely protected.

Unlike typical rust preventatives that leave a messy, wet, oily film behind, Shield XP penetrates deep into the metal’s pores displacing moisture and neutralizing corrosive byproducts then seals the surface from its environment with a semi-dry film that will not attract sand, dust, dirt or debris.

Shield XP has a light and pleasant coconut scent and is conveniently packaged in a pump spray bottle for direct application to metal surfaces or to a gun cloth for wipe-down applications.

Bore Tech’s Shield XP Rust Preventative provides the ultimate barrier against rust and corrosion. It is all you need for unsurpassed protection of your valuable firearms.

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Proudly made in the USA


Volume4 fl oz
Bottle TypeTreated HDPE Plastic
Cap TypePump Spray

Please see our convenient and easy to use Lubricant/Preventative Guide by clicking the below image or going to the Knowledge Center.

Lubricant/Preventative Selection Guide

Bore Tech Shield XP Rust Preventative Use Instructions


1. For best results, remove all oils, grease and surface contamination with Bore Tech’s Blast Degreaser.

2. Holding the Shield XP bottle approximately 8 inches from the surface, directly apply an even coat to all metal surfaces or apply to a cloth and wipe all metal surfaces.

3. Wait approximately 15 minutes and apply a second coat for long term storage or to protect in extreme environments.

4. Before using firearm, always run a dry patch through the bore. This will remove any residue and ensure against obstructions.

Q: When do I use Shield XP Rust Preventative instead of the Friction Guard XP Gun Oil?

A: The Shield XP is recommended primarily for use on the exterior of firearms to protect against rust and corrosion. It is ideal for external usage as it provides a mess-free, non-oily barrier that protects your firearms. Fiction Guard XP will prevent against rust and corrosion but is also a lubricant and primarily recommend for inside the bore and on moving parts. Please see our convenient and easy to use Lubricant/Preventative Selection Guide in the Specifications Tab or in the Knowledge Center.

Q: Can I use Shield XP Rust Preventative inside my bore?

A: Yes, the Shield XP can be safely used inside your bore to protect against rust and corrosion for extended periods.

Q: Is the Shield XP Rust Preventative a lubricant?

A: No, the Shield XP should not be used a lubricant. For this application we recommend our Friction Guard XP Gun Oil.

SHIELD Rust/Corrosion Preventative Pump Spray 4oz - 118ml

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